Central Hall Exhibits

The Central Exhibit hall features the Crops: Harvesting the Facts exhibit about the major crops grown in the United States, The Cotton Harvesting Experience, and the Bayer Crop Science Exhibit. These exhibits are interactive with a focus on modern agriculture, its science and practices.

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Bayer CropScience Modern Agriculture Exhibit

Have you ever wondered how cotton farming has changed over the years, or wondered what role science plays in growing this area’s most important crop? You can find all the answers here, while you visit with our hologram farmer and take a walk through a virtual cotton field.

Generously Sponsored by Bayer CropScience and FiberMax

Crop Dusting Gallery

When you walk in the front door, you will be “WOW-ed” by the beautiful restored crop duster hanging from our ceiling. At the crop dusting kiosk, you can learn all about our 1958 AG Cat prototype and watch a video of the exhibit actually coming together.

Generous Efforts of:

Additional help from Precision Body Works, Signs on the Go, Neal Aircraft, Inc., G&G Avionics, C.M.H. Manufacturing, ASCO Equipment, Lubbock Aero, & Midtown Printing

The Cotton Harvest Experience

Who doesn’t want to drive a tractor? The Cotton Harvest Experience puts you behind the wheel of a modern John Deere CS690 Cotton Stripper as you harvest the crop. Your harvesting experience will be complimented by a video on the history and evolution of the John Deere cotton stripper.

This Exhibit Generously Sponsored by Hurst Farm Supply, The CH Foundation, and the Viola and G.W. Gaignet Family

Crops: Harvesting the Facts & Growing a Nation Timeline

- Everything you ever wanted to know about corn, cotton, rice, peanuts, sorghum, soybeans, sunflowers, and wheat can be found here. When you’re done perusing the facts, you can test your farming knowledge with two different games or learn about major events in agriculture with the timeline on the back of the exhibit. You can even see plant and seed samples of each crop, so you’ll know what’s growing along the roadside as you travel in west Texas.

This Exhibit Generously Sponsored by B.E. Implement, Capital Farm Credit, and Dale and Cheryl Swinburn

Grace's General Store

For the farmers in your life, we have John Deer caps in toddler, youth and adult sizes. Several styles are available for children and adults. We offer John Deere toy tractors, combines, coloring books and children’s CDs.

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Irrigation: An Underground Story

This exhibit is designed to teach visitors about water conservation, drilling water wells, and where the world’s water comes from. Complete with a water pump that allows guests to pump their own water from an aquifer.

This Exhibit Generously Sponsored by Simmons Pump Corporation.

Women In Agriculture

Women In Agriculture Exhibit

Water Pump Exhibit

Water Pump Exhibit

The final piece of our water and irrigation exhibit is here. This aesthetic archway features cutaway models of the both the line shaft and submersible turbine pumps used for irrigation on the South Plains and beyond. Buttons activate each pump, bringing it to life, so visitors can see and understand how these pumps bring underground water to the surface. Lights mirror the water’s movement from the pumps to the fountain in the center. Visit the museum today to learn more about irrigation, major crops, and the importance of agriculture in our daily lives.

This exhibit was generously sponsored by Simmons Pump Corporation.