A real working pivot irrigation system and a historic 1930s farmstead can be found among the tractors and machines showcased in our outdoor exhibits.

Pivot Irrigation System


This is a working pivot irrigation system just like what you see driving down the road. It helps keep our grounds green and ready for outdoor events, like our antique tractor and engine show the third week in October.

Generously Sponsored by South Plains Valley Irrigation, Gicon Pumps, Hi-Plains Drilling and Lubbock Electric Co. 


Historic Ropesville House Farmstead


In the early 1930’s, to spur the economy from the depression and help American farmers, President Roosevelt and his administration, started “The Ropes Project” and/or “The Colony”. This area was an area of approximately 16,000 acres northwest of Ropesville, Texas. Approximately 77 families received, by a lottery system, a farm ranging from approximately 120-200 acres. It included a framed two-bedroom house of approximately 792 square feet, a windmill, and a barn. This house is one of the last original houses from the project. Future plans include the addition of a windmill, chicken coop and grainary.

House donated by Larry and Rebecca Smith in loving memory of Mildred Knight Server.

This exhibit generously sponsored by the Helen Jones Foundation, Dea Windows and Doors, and the Lubbock Homebuilders Association.